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Jeff the Killer is NOT a Ripoff of the Joker!! by GhostFreakFan01 Jeff the Killer is NOT a Ripoff of the Joker!! by GhostFreakFan01
There similar not the same. Know the difference.

Just because Jeff as pale skin and a creepy smile doesn't mean that he's Joker, they don't even act the same either....same goes for other
characters with similar features...
The Crow
Laughing Jack
And every clown known to man has these features....and are they "Mary sue" copies of the Joker? No. You can't just automatically label a character as a "ripoff"...try "the character was inspired by the other" first. JEFF ISN'T EVEN A FUCKING CLOWN!

Yes, Joker is more developed character but that's only because he was around longer and had professional writers working on his story/character while Jeff doesn't have the best backstory (which is why AU and headcanon versions are better) and has only been around for not as long and was apparently written by a 13 year old...which is actually pretty cool since Jeff got so popular...not only that, the fans took apart in ruining him sadly. The whole creepypasta fandom is a joke now and I'm no longer apart of it. 

However, I still care for a few characters (including Jeff). And I find it funny how everyone used to love Jeff but hate Jane and now it's the opposite. Thus, thus fandom is officially bipolar and should disappear xD. 

And in case you are wondering, I disabled the comments because I can't handle major DC and CP freaks...
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July 1, 2013
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